Street Outlaws: Memphis

STREET OUTLAWS is traveling to the toughest and wildest streets in the South, as it heads to Memphis to spotlight JJ Da Boss and his team of family and friends who have been racing together for decades.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7.9

Season 1 - Street Outlaws: Memphis
"Welcome to Memphis, where JJ and his family of racers do things a little differently. When JJ invites some of the biggest names in street racing to come to Memphis and race for money, the Memphis racers have to step up for their city."
"When JJ's son, Doughboy, wants to start racing on the street, JJ gets the family and racers together to decide if he's ready. But, with racers from both Mississippi and Missouri coming into town, the Memphis racers have their work cut out for them."
"When JJ wrecks his truck & trailer on the way home from race night, it nearly destroys both Heifer & Ole Heavy. When Ohio comes to town, the Memphis Street Outlaws have to pull together to hustle up as much money as they can to pay for all the broken cars"
"When JJ gets a call from a racer in Vegas asking his guys to come out to race, he can't refuse. But with Heifer still down, he has to find himself a car to drive. And when the Memphis Street Outlaws finally make it out west, the bets and stakes are high."
"The Memphis Outlaws finish their race against the Las Vegas racers, but before they can leave town, they get a call from a group of guys from California looking to race. Memphis agrees to stay to race against Cali, but a brawl breaks out before they start"
"With racers from Kentucky coming into town, and Heifer still out of commission, JJ decides to put Tricia behind the wheel of Ziptie. Meanwhile, Mustang Mike is fighting for his first win after his crash."
"It's JJ's Arm Drop Chase is a race, and that means that for the only time all year, Memphis racers compete against each other as well as the best racers from around the country. Birdman is coming to town and JJ buys back his old car for a rematch."
Season 2 - Street Outlaws: Memphis
"JJ and the Memphis Street Outlaws are back, but after a devastating crash, Doughboy questions if he should continue racing. Racers from St. Louis are in town, and since one of them tried to burn Tricia down, the Memphis Street Outlaws are done being nice."
"A group of fast-talking racers from Pennsylvania come to town to race and to bet big money; an early and costly loss puts pressure on Memphis."
"Memphis comes together to help Doughboy get his new car ready to race, but when it won't be running by race night, JJ decides to give Dover a second chance; when New York comes to town, Memphis tries for a big comeback after last week's losses."
"When Doughboy's new Impala is ready to start up for the first time, the whole family gathers to celebrate; on race night, mouthy racers from Delaware, Maryland and Virginia bring a bad attitude, and Doughboy finally lines up for a race."
"JJ and the Memphis Street Outlaws decide to head west to meet up with a group of Arizona racers let by Mary, who they've raced with before. But when they arrive in Arizona, it seems like the odds may be stacked against Memphis."
"After a night of low bets in Arizona, JJ decides to set up another race against racers in New Mexico, hoping for a chance to make more money to make the trip west worthwhile. However, the New Mexico racers have roads are dusty and unpredictable."
"MSO racers try to knock out the competition in Las Vegas."
"JJ's Arm Drop in Las Vegas continues and MSO racers do what they can to knock out the competition. As the competition winds down, Memphis is forced to line up against each other to see who can take home the $30,000 prize."
"JJ gathers the family to stand up to the racers another group of racers in Memphis. JJ and the Memphis family agree to meet up for a night of grudge racing, but the stakes have never been higher."
"Memphis Street Outlaws is back and diving deep into the backstory of JJ Da Boss and his family of racers. JJ tells us about his past, and how love, family, and honor keeps the Memphis family racing together today."
Season 4 - Street Outlaws: Memphis
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