Rich Kids Go Skint

Rich Kids Go Skint is a British television series which features "rich kids" who are paired up with families not as wealthy as them, and are usually required to do basic tasks such as: food...







Season 1 - Rich Kids Go Skint
"Fergus flaunts his wealth on social media for thousands of followers, but how will he cope living with Anna and her family, who are struggling to make ends meet?"
"Sepii is 21, a medical student and rich kid with a huge collection of expensive designer shoes. She now faces a reality check as she spends time living with a family on the bread line in Manchester."
"Successful entrepreneur Dhillan finds out what life is like for mum of three Elaine and her family, who get by on her disability benefits."
"Angelina moves in with Amy, a teenager mum. Amy and Angelina get on well, but Angelina draws the line when asked to sleep on the sofa and checks into a plush hotel. She also struggles with housework, shopping on a budget, and even walking the dog."
"Jodie takes a break from posting shots of her shopping trips in Mayfair to move in with mum of two Becky in her small flat. Jodie struggles with cleaning, cooking and even getting on public transport by herself."
"Young, rich vlogger Callum gives up his designer lifestyle to move in with a family on the headline in Deal. After taking over all the household chores and looking after the kids, Callum realises the enormity of the stress the family live under."
Season 2 - Rich Kids Go Skint
"Patrick leaves his seven bed mansion to spend a week with cash strapped single mum Katrina. She teaches him how a food bank works and leaves him to feed the family on \u00a330. He shares the experience with his friend Josh, holidaying in the Maldives."
"21 year old Sacha is barely even at her six bedroom mansion thanks to her 24\/7 social life. She attempts to live with Juanita and her car boot sales, pizza lunches and three children."
"Money is no object for Becca, as daddy's credit card is only a phone call away. However, when shown how much single mum Nureen has on which to feed a family, she is brought to tears."
"19 year old Freddie swaps his family's large in west London for single mum Charmaine's flat in Watford. After kitting himself out in clothes from a charity shop, and entertaining her kids, Freddie is shown how to have a good time for nothing."
"Having been brought up with servants to see to his every need, Andrea has a shock when he goes to stay with single dad David and his two daughters, who survive on benefits in Swansea."
"Wealthy teen Yasmine lives with Sheila and Miguel, from Mexico, who came to the UK in search of a safe place to raise a family. When she hears of their harsh upbringing, it makes her appreciate her own good luck, and she pitches in to help out."
Season 3 - Rich Kids Go Skint
"Maria is the daughter of multi-millionaires, with a nanny and a maid. But she throws herself into living with Mohammed and Becky in their two bed council flat, and comes away with a new understanding of life on the other side."
"Daryl has a maid, a personal shopper, and a car collection worth \u00a3500k. He spends a week with Daniel and Letita, whose budget comprises benefits and a student loan. But despite their differences, Daryl and Daniel bond, especially over cooking."
"Rick kid Jacob, who lives in a flat in Chelsea bought by his parents, moves in with Terri, Gareth and their three kids in Manchester. Jacob struggles with the weekly shop on a budget he is used to spending on one meal."
"Fatima spends thousands every week on Gucci, but meeting single mum Nicky and her daughter Imogen moves the rich teen student to tears. Fatima soon sees how different her life is to Nicky's when they compare budgets."
"Shaira, who attended a \u00a3100k per year Swiss school, stays with Tara and Paul, who have not been able to afford a night out in a year. Taking on child minding duties and cooking her first roast dinner, Shaira reveals how she found the experience."
"Alex packs his luxury labels into his Louis Vuitton bags and drives his Mercedes to Bolton to stay with Jen and Antony. Seeing how far they could stretch the money he throws away, he surprises them with an act of kindness."
"Navid is a wannabe rapper whose main passions are Nicki Minaj and Versace. He leves his life of privilege to spend a week with Queen, Shane and two year old Simone who live in the shadow of Grenfell Tower, and for whom life is a constant struggle."
"21 year old student and mum Maria is the daughter of multi millionaires. She visits Becky, Mohammed and their two children, and learns what parenting is like without the luxury of a nanny and a maid."
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Season 4 - Rich Kids Go Skint
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