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For Peete's Sake


Genre: Reality

Actor: Rodney Peete

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.7

Season 1 - For Peete's Sake
"In the premiere, Rodney plans a last-minute \"staycation\" for his and Holly's 20th anniversary; and Ryan tries to talk her parents into letting her attend Lollapalooza."
"Dolores and Ryan seek forgiveness for their Lollapalooza scheme; RJ looks for a job in hopes of becoming independent; and Holly and Rodney try to spice up their marriage."
"Holly and RJ head to Detroit to open a new RJ's Place at the Children's Hospital; Rodney takes Ryan on a tour of USC; and Robinson is stuck at home on his 13th birthday."
"Rodney helps with the kids while Holly is busy prepping for her annual HollyRod fundraiser; and, encouraged by Dolores, Ryan steels herself for her first audition with a big-shot music producer."
"Holly wants to own a lifestyle brand; and also wants a \"mom cave\" to work in. Rodney, meanwhile, leads a support group for dads of kids with autism; and Ryan thinks a puppy could help RJ prepare for life after high school."
"Dolores suddenly needs a place to live, which forces Holly to give up her \"mom cave\"; Roman tries to bulk up after he's bullied; and Ryan shoots her first music video."
Season 2 - For Peete's Sake
"In the Season 2 premiere, Ryan prepares to leave for college; and Holly scrambles to plan a farewell party for him while also deciding on the best way to let go of her father's ashes. The entire family heads to NYC with Ryan for an emotional goodbye."
"The Peetes walk down memory lane during a visit to Philadelphia; Holly and Uncle Matt search for the perfect place to bury their father's ashes; and Dolores takes the family to her hometown for a reunion."
"When Robinson and Roman have trouble at school, Holly and Rodney look into homeschooling options. Meanwhile, RJ loves his new job with the Dodgers, but Holly struggles to adjust to his independence; and Rodney convinces ex-players to join a study on CTE."
"Holly enlists Rodney to help figure out a way to talk to the Ryan and the boys about sexual consent. In an attempt to \"be normal,\" RJ posts an inappropriate message on his social media. Dolores struggles to homeschool Robinson and Roman."
"Holly and Rodney support RJ as he attempts to achieve another milestone and pass his driver's permit test; Uncle Matt reveals his Parkinson's diagnosis to the family, inspiring Robinson to organize a HollyRod-junior style benefit concert."
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